An excellent choice for pizza, flatbread, sandwiches and more, this 30cm x 30cm cooking screen has large holes to effectively crisp the bottom of your most popular quick-serve foods!

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BBQ Grill Mat

Mesh BBQ Grill Mat

Being used for years, Smoker Mats and Non-stick Grill Mats also come in different versions like PTFE BBQ sheets, or Silicon Cooking pad’s such as SILPAT which got popular thanks to cooking shows like MasterChef.

But what these sheets lacked in food cooking during smoking or charcoal grilling resulted in problems like food underside not getting the smoky flavor and puddling of cooling juice around the food.

Such issues have been easily solved by mesh sheets that provides complete cooking whether you are opting smoking or charcoal grilling, which made mesh sheets the most preferred non-stick sheet for BBQ users.

These sheets provide the best BBQ cooking solution for making flatbread, pizza, sandwiches and more.


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